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Online and Corporate Shoe Programs


Best Business to Business Corporate Safety Shoe Program in the US!

Our industry-leading, flexible, online systems provide you safety shoe program management solutions, often within ONE day. Michigan Shoe is the nations most experienced safety shoe provider with the most experienced team. Our safety shoe management software is used by tens of thousands of B to B customers nationally. We have the Online solutions you need now. Our experienced team will ensure your online or multi-channel program is implemented as you require often within just a few hours on the same day. Michigan Shoe also offers shoemobile and retail in many locations along the East Coast and in the Midwest.

Benefits of a Corporate Shoe Program

  • FAST setup.
    • Launch a custom website to manage your safety shoe program usually the same day.
    • Tie in options to Ariba. Workday, DSSI, Coupa, and other purchasing systems.
    • Data Exchange capabilities.
  • GIVE Employees 100% control of the purchase and return process.
    • Order any time of day or night, 365 days a year.
    • Free shipping and free returns with UPS.
    • "Advanced Exchange" program allows employees to receive exchange pairs before they return the original.
  • Experienced Service Team.
    • We value the "long term" so we work carefully to confirm your employee shoe program is set up exactly as you want it before launch.
    • You select the approved styles.
    • You tell us how each employee benefit works.
    • We set up the site per your instructions. Then review with you. Then launch
  • Subsidy Tracking Software.
    • Flexible and able to track your shoe program no matter how complicated (test us!)
    • Our shoe benefit tracking program stands the test of time with an original launch in 1993 and updated to serve the needs of the 40,000 B to B customers we serve today.
    • You (as program manager) save time. Employees get what they need.
    • Online subsidy tracking works real time with our website, kiosk, retail stores, and shoemobiles. Get your shoes any way you choose.

What's Included:

  • Custom Corporate Website easy orders, management, and tracking
  • Large shoe selection from top brands
  • Convenient ordering/billing options
  • Dedicated customer service representatives

Start a Program

Things to Consider:

When setting the framework of your customized shoe program, we will help you address some of the following issues to assist you in creating a program that meets your needs.

  • Will certain types of shoes be mandatory?
  • What are the style limitations?
  • How will ordering be handled?
  • How will billing be handled?
  • Will the company offer a subsidy or co-pay for shoes?

Our industry expertise and wide selection of safety shoes allows us to help you create a successful safety shoe program that is tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to start a corporate safety shoe program!