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Types of Workplace Foot Injuries and How to Protect Yourself

When you are at work, you should definitely be as careful as possible. There are over 100,000 toe and foot injuries in the workplace every single year. It is also important to note that of all the musculoskeletal injuries that occur in the workplace, 10 percent of those are ankle and foot injuries. It is important to understand the types of injuries that can occur and why so that you may be fully aware of any situation and be able to protect yourself.

Broken or Crushed Feet

Whether you work around vehicles or conveyor belts, you could break your foot or have it crushed. If your feet get caught in cracks or between objects, this could be very serious, especially if you don’t realize your foot has been trapped and continue on. Other instances that can cause crushed and broken feet include heavy objects falling on your foot, a vehicle’s wheels driving over your foot or getting your foot caught in a conveyor belt.

Punctured Soles

Sometimes, damage can come from foreign objects being on the floor. If you work in an area where glass, nails or metals are available, consider being extra careful. If glass shatters or nails or left on the ground, you could step on one, causing a puncture to the sole of your foot. Sharp metals can also be wedged into the foot, causing severe pain and injury.


Cutting the foot or having it severed from your body is also a real problem for many people. Rotary mowers, chainsaws and any machinery that is unguarded could cause a severed foot injury or any type of cuts, sometimes deep.


Fires, chemicals, molten metals and anything that is explosive or flammable can cause burns to any part of the body. However, the feet are usually the first to suffer

Shocks of Electricity

Touching an electrical source or even static electricity could cause you to be shocked with electricity, which can burn or singe the feet and other areas of the body.

Twisted and Sprained Ankles

Almost anything could cause a sprain or twist of the ankle, especially bad lighting, cluttered walkways, slippery floors and not wearing the right shoes or gear on the feet.


To prevent these situations, be mindful of your area and wear proper shoes for your job. There are many standards to industrial footwear.

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