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Not Wearing Safety Shoes Is Like Walking Barefoot!

Safety shoes are like safety belts, when used they will prevent injuries.

A good comforable pair of safety shoes will help prevent fatigue, discomfort and even back pain.


Facts and myths about safety shoes

Myth:  Steel toe shoes will hurt my feet.

Fact:  Like any other type of shoes, if properly fitted, steel toe shoes will not be felt.


Myth:  Steel toe shoes are heavy.

Fact:  Some of our steel toe shoes are lighter than dress shoes.  Check our our composite (non-metal) safety toe shoes and boots.


Myth:  Steel toe shoes are stiff.

Fact:  Most of our steel toe shoes are so flexible that you can fold them.  Check out our FootRests by HyTest. Some examples of the FootRest line are the FootRest oxford K08275, the FootRest 6 inch boot K08972 and the FootRest Wellington K08777.

Myth:  Steel toe work shoes are ugly.

Fact:  We carry a wide variety of style and types.  Most steel toe work shoes can be worn as dress shoes with very modern styling.  Check out the K00507 dress shoe by HyTest and the W05040 wing tip by Wolverine.


Myth:  I had a pair of steel toe boots and they hurt my feet.

Fact:  This may be true, but you had the wrong size or width.  With the modern technology, state-of-the-art materials and American know-how, The work shoe has come a long way.




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