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The Grave Importance of Slip Resistant Footwear in the Workplace

Believe it or not, footwear could mean the difference between living and dying while on the job. Many industries have atmospheres that expose their employees to wet and hazardous conditions on a continual basis. Slip resistant footwear in the workplace is vital to reduce accidental injuries, prevent fatalities, and lower the costs that are associated with slip and fall cases in the workplace.

What Distinguishes a Slip Resistant Shoe from a Regular Shoe?

  • Softer Outsoles Created with Special Rubber that is Resistant to Slick Conditions.
  • Interlocking Tread Patterns That Don’t Lock in Water
  • Multiple Design Features That Give the Shoe Added Grip Power

Statistics That Demonstrate Why Slip Resistant Footwear in the Workplace is a Necessity

Slip and Fall Cases:

  • Are the leading causes of workplace related deaths
  • Account for the majority of accidents in public facilities and restaurants
  • Are second only to automobile accidents for accidental deaths and disabilities
  • Cause nearly 60% of all debilitating and disabling injuries
  • Account for nearly half of all liability claims that are filed in North America
  • Account for 56 deaths per day in North America
  • Cost employers and consumers 100 million dollars per day

Every employee should have slip resistant shoes if there is any chance that they could slip and fall. Prevention is the key to avoiding falls and staying safe.

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